Welcome to the website for the Chafing Armor Podcast, the podcast that scratches your itch for Dungeons and Dragons.

Join us bi-monthly for a fun and exciting trip through the world of D&D as told by our “lovable” Dungeon Master Michael Corley. We are a “rules-lite” podcast that focuses on telling a thrilling story of hideous beasts, Machiavellian villains, and daring-do by brave adventurers. The rules we are using are based loosely on 3rd edition, with much of the “fluff” taken out for ease of pacing and for fun.

We are in the process of setting up the website as of now, so please bear with us. Like any good D&D campaign, a good website takes time and skill to craft, and so thing will likely change over time as we get everything sorted out. Shouldn’t be long. Throw back a mug of ale, partake in some Profession skills and enjoy the downtime…while you can.

For now, join us in tales of high adventure, masterful dice rolls, and the ever present threat of the critical fail.