5 Chafing Armor Podcast – Basement or Bust

What lies in the Basement?  Death?  Yes.  Lots of death.
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Article by Dungeon Master

The great and powerful Dungeon Master, Michael Corley, resides in the land where wind whips throughout the plains. He is skilled in magic, bard-work and able to convince sensible people to set aside their Fridays to record. He looks amazing in black.


  1. Pah.

    The Orc should spend some time with the cutpurses in a city. Her distraction skills need work.

    The colourful magic user bears watching. His strange spells reek of dragonfire and I am wary of anything to do with dragons.

    The little holy man…I like him. He reminds me of my father…aside from the height of course.

    There is much to this group that is irksome…yet, it works when it needs to. Perhaps we will find glory after all.

      1. Osokai, I thought I bore watching because I’m so very dazzling.

        Also, magic user? Ew. I am a sorcerer! Mages have to use stuff and things to make magic work. Where as I AM magic.

  2. This episode was great! I enjoyed the new sound effects, especially because I wasn’t expecting them. The half-orc is very entertaining and I look forward to her Broadway debut soon.

    1. I’m glad you like the sound effects. I view music and sound effect like spice. A LITTLE bit goes a long way. 🙂 I agree Orcish Jazz hands on Broadway would be amazing for Morezi!

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