6 Chafing Armor Podcast – Grappling with Kobolds

You were wondering what happened to Osokai in episode 4?  You’re about to find out!

Morezi the Half-Orc

Have you been itching to send in fanart?  You can!  Send it to me at mrcorley at gmail.com and you may be featured in a future episode!



Article by Dungeon Master

The great and powerful Dungeon Master, Michael Corley, resides in the land where wind whips throughout the plains. He is skilled in magic, bard-work and able to convince sensible people to set aside their Fridays to record. He looks amazing in black.


  1. Ha-HA!

    Now THAT’S usin’ your head. If I do say so myself. Sometimes, the best weapon you have is what’s around you. Just got be smart and have a little bit of luck on your side too.

    I’d like to see the pretty man do that! HA!

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